Star Trek (7/9) Movie CLIP - Fire Everything! (2009) HD

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Kirk (Chris Pine) rescues Captain Pike (Bruce Greenwood) from the Romulan ship while Spock (Zachary Quinto) flies in a collision course with Nero (Eric Bana).
Mission: Impossible III director and Alias creator J.J. Abrams resurrects the classic science fiction franchise created by Gene Roddenberry with this feature film that embraces the rich history of the influential television and film series while also exploring some uncharted territory. Heroes star Zachary Quinto assumes the role of the Federation Starfleet lieutenant and Vulcan made famous in the original series by Leonard Nimoy (who also appears in an older incarnation of his original role), Spock, with Anton Yelchin stepping into the role of USS Enterprise navigator Pavel Chekov, Zoe Saldana assuming the role of communications officer Uhura, Simon Pegg keeping the ship in top shape as chief engineer Montgomery Scott (aka "Scotty"), and Eric Bana tormenting the benevolent space explorers as the villainous Nero. Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle co-star John Cho also boards the Enterprise as Hikaru Sulu, with Chris Pine and Karl Urban assuming the legendary roles of Captain Kirk and Leonard "Bones" McCoy, respectively.
TM & © Paramount (2009)
Cast: Eric Bana, Bruce Greenwood, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto
Director: J.J. Abrams
Producers: J.J. Abrams, David Baronoff, Bryan Burk, Jeffrey Chernov, Alex Kurtzman, Damon Lindelof, Roberto Orci, David Witz
Screenwriters: Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, Gene Roddenberry
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23 Νοέ 2011





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Samurai Jack
Samurai Jack Πριν 2 ημέρες
Ah yes... The famed Janeway protocol
i_maq Πριν 2 ημέρες
Enterprise comes in guns blazing Chills, literal chills!
Harper Harper
Harper Harper Πριν 3 ημέρες
That was everything?
Red Bow
Red Bow Πριν 4 ημέρες
clip: star trek (JJ abrams) youtube: star trek generations
L Shadow177
L Shadow177 Πριν 7 ημέρες
1:37 is literally right about to crash 1:52 somehow magically is a few steps back from where he was that was a bad edit
Harlis Viikmäe
Harlis Viikmäe Πριν 8 ημέρες
Some people hate lens flares but 1:04 they add so much.
Foebane72 Πριν 9 ημέρες
Abrams Trek SUCKS! At least the phasers in 1990s Trek had character, the ones here are just big PEW PEW PEW Star Wars lasers!
Protec Skilz Attac Kilz
Protec Skilz Attac Kilz Πριν 12 ημέρες
Mrstealth93 Πριν 15 ημέρες
Gotta be honest. The design of the romulan ship has always been a bit confusing to me. All those massive spikes reaching out from the base makes it really hard to tell what part is the actual pressurized section of the ship. Maybe thats why it looks that way. To confuse enemy targeting systems, hitting the spikes instead of the main hull.
D MoneZ
D MoneZ Πριν 17 ημέρες
*Captain I am picking up another ship* 👁👄👁
Gabriel Morales
Gabriel Morales Πριν 17 ημέρες
pop team epic
TheDetailsMatter Πριν 17 ημέρες
"Fire Everything!!!" OK. "Jetson, you're fired!!!" "Flintstone, you're fired!!!" "Sinclair, you're fired!!!" "Bumstead, you're fired!!!" "Kramden, you're fired!!!" "Stevens, you're fired!!!"
Billythekid Πριν 22 ημέρες
I enjoyed this movie but absolutely hated into darkness.
JMC Πριν 24 ημέρες
don't hate me for saying this but ur kinda ripping off star wars with the way the phasers are firing
AKspartan108 Πριν 29 ημέρες
This movie was pretty dope to see in the theaters
HydroBazooka Πριν 29 ημέρες
Jeremy Cardona
Jeremy Cardona Πριν μήνα
I wish we got more battle scenes 😭😭😭
BradleyBear Πριν μήνα
Im not A fan of this reboot but give credit when its due. Eric bana is a great actor and he played this role well.
Chase Madi
Chase Madi Πριν μήνα
fire everything enterprise ok
sheenydonut Πριν μήνα
ᵂʰᵃᵗ'ˢ ʰᵉ ᵈᵒᶦⁿᵍˀ *FIRE EVERYTHING!!!!!*
Thizlamic Πριν μήνα
WhyRYouRunning Πριν μήνα
Tim Loves Bacon
Tim Loves Bacon Πριν μήνα
Still probably the best of the new Trek films. Something immensely cool and satisfying about the Enterprise dropping out of warp firing all its torpedoes.
Mr Horse
Mr Horse Πριν 27 ημέρες
Pulse phasers
united with britian
united with britian Πριν μήνα
Tired of the "pew pew pew" wanna see phaser fire look no further than Wrath of Kahn and Reliant cutting open the hull of the Enterprise with precision.
Sea of glitter
Sea of glitter Πριν μήνα
Sock Puppet
Sock Puppet Πριν μήνα
Great job turning the phasers into lens flares instead of a beam
Gunslinger Πριν μήνα
The capital ship weapons as well as small arms are pretty awesome in my opinion
The First Angel: Creation Connection
1:04 is the part you came for! Enjoy!
Ernest Gil
Ernest Gil Πριν μήνα
Nero: FIRE EVERTHING! Enterprise:...so I started blasting...literally
Kurt D.
Kurt D. Πριν 2 μήνες
Tim and Adam brought me here.
howizee Πριν 2 μήνες
I miss the days when Abram's new how to make Star Wars.
Tony Stank
Tony Stank Πριν 2 μήνες
I love Star Wars more but this is still a badass scene when the enterprise comes out
Just pisses me off that the enterprise has pew pew lasers rather than zap zap phasers in this
Indyday Πριν 3 μήνες
How the hell could they beam Spock back in a standing position when he was sitting in the chair in the other ship before?
Joey Taylor
Joey Taylor Πριν 3 μήνες
Nero’s like “Why do people constantly smash their ships into mine?” 😂
Siddhant Yelve
Siddhant Yelve Πριν 3 μήνες
1:04 Owari da
Ben Sisko
Ben Sisko Πριν 3 μήνες
The Enterprise is a BOSS.
Illusion_apex Πριν 3 μήνες
All those emitters
Leo, Januszewski
Leo, Januszewski Πριν 3 μήνες
Liberals think that 1:04 is yet another example of Western white cisgendered heterosexual male supremacy; it triggers them.
Mr Horse
Mr Horse Πριν 27 ημέρες
what doesn't trigger those hate filled losers?
E.W. Thomas
E.W. Thomas Πριν 3 μήνες
The soundtrack to this movies amazing
Ben J
Ben J Πριν 3 μήνες
These movies are underrated. Especially compared to the new star wars.
Mr Horse
Mr Horse Πριν 27 ημέρες
watching paint dry is better than SW
Xuffy Πριν 2 μήνες
IBallistic Cheese ミスターチーズ
The fact that the Enterprise is able to catch up to the Narada that was outfitted with borg tech with warp shows how much more beefed up it is than the original constitution class
The Transporter
The Transporter Πριν μήνα
The kelvin time line was built around exploration but mostly war.
Raina Lane
Raina Lane Πριν 3 μήνες
didn't realize then but the Romulan ship literally shouts Brog from the core (All green , messy, with scary weapon)
Emperor Constantine 1.
Emperor Constantine 1. Πριν 3 μήνες
I like how the Romulan pistols have a sort of Flintlock Pistol/pirate kinda look. But the Enterprise popping up guns blazing was super cool!
Ali Akbar
Ali Akbar Πριν 3 μήνες
2020 .
Nova Πριν 3 μήνες
1:03 oof
Dim mary
Dim mary Πριν 3 μήνες
Jackster Πριν 3 μήνες
Me when I see a spider: 0:41
T. Tony
T. Tony Πριν 3 μήνες
Sulu to the rescue!
Siddhant Yelve
Siddhant Yelve Πριν 3 μήνες
1:05 Owari Da.
Ordinance Specialist Gorn
Ordinance Specialist Gorn Πριν 3 μήνες
Some of them might've been able to escape if they didn't have several hundred meter ravines all over the ship.
Ahmar Saeed
Ahmar Saeed Πριν 3 μήνες
One of cinema’s all time “Hell yeah!” moments.
Michael keaton
Michael keaton Πριν 3 μήνες
In which star wars movie is this?
Dim mary
Dim mary Πριν 2 μήνες
That's star trek lol
Eric Davies
Eric Davies Πριν 4 μήνες
Ok trek fans why is it if a person is teleported from a seated position they appear standing up right but if there in any other position they appear in that position
pandelosmuertos Πριν 4 μήνες
When Nero said FIRE EVERYTHING, i felt that...
navidhendrix Πριν 4 μήνες
0:31-1:17 Literally the best action sequence in all the modern Star Trek films. When the Enterprise appears ...... the feels.
Ichi playz
Ichi playz Πριν 4 μήνες
Klingon crew member: CAPTAIN!!!!! Klingon captain: yeah Klingon crew member: LOOK!!!!!!! *Enterprise warps in with epic music playing and fires phasers at missiles* That scene was by far the most epic ever shown on star trek
Chay Warburton
Chay Warburton Πριν 4 μήνες
Who's here in 2020 going, "holy crap its been 8+ years already?"
54hman Πριν 4 μήνες
Why couldn't JJ Abrams make star wars feel like this. Man he could have done so much better
Laufpanda oder so
Laufpanda oder so Πριν 4 μήνες
Best Movies ever!
League of Un-Serious Gentlemen
League of Un-Serious Gentlemen Πριν 4 μήνες
I like 'splosions
twenty one cries for help
twenty one cries for help Πριν 4 μήνες
Okay but who is commanding Enterprise here, it's been a while, Spock and Kirk are both off the ship and Sulu is at the helm.
Colonel Aaron Douglas Hanson Daniels
Romulan: What? *00:10** COMPTON* 00:14 Darth Maul XD
Margot Rosenthal
Margot Rosenthal Πριν 4 μήνες
I GOT YOUR GUN Totally badass
HAWK stringfellow
HAWK stringfellow Πριν 5 μήνες
The enterprise cleared a path for spock
crewcutter2030 Πριν 5 μήνες
Dont they have a light based weapon and trackor beams? Why use torpedoes?
The Transporter
The Transporter Πριν μήνα
More damaging. Lasers still need time to boar threw but torpedoes will tear you up
Nero is so focused on killing Spock to the point that i think he forgot that Starfleet's flagship, USS ENTERPRISE is still active
Koalas eat leaves
Koalas eat leaves Πριν 5 μήνες
Romulans have no concept of weapon retention.
David Bird
David Bird Πριν 5 μήνες
Wish they wouldve looked more alien than human
David Eagin
David Eagin Πριν 5 μήνες
It’s a shame the movies just kept getting worse. That’s JJ for you.
Anne Cohen
Anne Cohen Πριν 5 μήνες
Zachary Quinto looks incredibly like Leonard Nimoy as Spock! The Spock as a young man looks very remarkable.
Pyradonis Πριν 5 μήνες
One can find many things to complain about in the reboot films, but this scene was the heroic starship Enterprise we know and love.
Huneidu Πριν 5 μήνες
This scene is why I fly the Jellyfish in STO. Such a awe-inspiring ship.
MCP/ChronicBuzz Πριν 5 μήνες
"So anyways, we started blasting...."
Eddie Hyer
Eddie Hyer Πριν 5 μήνες
Everytime I watch this movie I wonder why JJ couldn't make force awakens even nearly as good
Thomas Barca
Thomas Barca Πριν 5 μήνες
the romulans remind me of the romulans from picard in a way, im glad these types of romulans are shown in picard I really which they had the head tattoos as well
WarGrowlmon18 Πριν 5 μήνες
These are supposed to be THE SAME ONES. Or at least the same version. Picard takes place in the original reality following the destruction of Romulus that flung Nero back in time and created the alternate reality of JJ's movies.
iErety594 Πριν 5 μήνες
I love Star Wars 🖖
patricia de barros
patricia de barros Πριν 6 μήνες
Ok ok allora noi smetteremo di accumulare antimateria sul pianeta ok???Esempio tutti i vostri test atomici non vanno affatto bene.. e a seguire tutti gli altri test...tanto mi dispiace doverlo ripetere ancora ma esiste un solo modo per lasciare L'Arca e della fine del percorso di vita Ok che si chiama morte...non c'è altro modo sapien sapiens Noi siamo organismi presenti sul pianeta terra che è un corpo ben più grosso...paragonabile al vostro delirio sarebbe il mio di dire Ok voglio separare le mie cellule Ok dal mio corpo secondo voi è normale come pensiero no esattamente il vostro voi non potete essere separati dall'Arca voi ne fate parte come delle cellule ok??☯️💀☠️👻🧞👿🧚😇🤶👽🛸
patricia de barros
patricia de barros Πριν 6 μήνες
Tech 83 Studio
Tech 83 Studio Πριν 6 μήνες
Haters be damned the Kelvin Timeline Enterprise is a beauty!
Siff Trips
Siff Trips Πριν 6 μήνες
star wars is better
axenledgie Πριν 6 μήνες
Great to see that majestic beast living up to her name. Star Trek forever!
Lane Bristow
Lane Bristow Πριν 6 μήνες
I know that on a deep philosophical level the Kelvin trilogy doesn't match up with classic Star Trek. I don't care. They're great, fun films. Not like the woke Picard/Discovery garbage.
I Made Aditya Wijaya
I Made Aditya Wijaya Πριν 6 μήνες
1:41 The Ship's alarm sound was just like The First Order Dreadnought and Supremacy from Star Wars The Last Jedi
Andre Gordon
Andre Gordon Πριν 6 μήνες
As Jonathan Frakes says, the ship is the star of the show
spyro matt
spyro matt Πριν 6 μήνες
fire puta torpedoes
Shadow Man
Shadow Man Πριν 6 μήνες
That shaky cam makes me feel sick
Shadow Man
Shadow Man Πριν 6 μήνες
This just doesn’t feel like Star trek
Yarnall541 Πριν 6 μήνες
CIWS doing work. JJ Abrams has the right idea when it comes to weapons tactics
suzaki敏彦 Πριν 6 μήνες
very good
B. S.
B. S. Πριν 6 μήνες
Salty Dunmer
Salty Dunmer Πριν 6 μήνες
Star „pew pew“ Trek
Jim Best
Jim Best Πριν 6 μήνες
Grew up with Star Trek, but really liked this movie
Carlton Taylor
Carlton Taylor Πριν 7 μήνες
Reminds me of the scene in Red October where the Dallas get the torpedo to lock on them at the last minute
Tao Lu
Tao Lu Πριν 7 μήνες
Loved the movie, although / sorry Nero was such a bad actor.
SuperStandard Πριν 7 μήνες
0:41 Employers in 2008
Leo, Januszewski
Leo, Januszewski Πριν 7 μήνες
At 1:04: 'Murica!
Sokandueler95 Πριν 7 μήνες
Not a fan of Star Trek, but this moment when the enterprise came out of warp guns blazing was amazing.
WeOnline Union
WeOnline Union Πριν 7 μήνες
Tf is this mining Romulan vesel? To they mine with weapons?
slsriflecruman87 Πριν 7 μήνες
WeOnline Union No I read the prequel comic to the movie.
WeOnline Union
WeOnline Union Πριν 7 μήνες
@slsriflecruman87 Playing STO??? To much.
slsriflecruman87 Πριν 7 μήνες
WeOnline Union It is a mining vessel that was heavily upgraded with Borg tech.
MysticDragonWolf Πριν 7 μήνες
Nero: You will die! Spock: You’re already dead... Nero: Nani?!
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