Why This Tiny Island Has More People Than Russia

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7 Αύγ 2022





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Colton Richman
Lived on Java for two years. The smallest 'town' I lived in had 1 million people. I also ate rice with every meal. When I moved back to the US I couldn't understand how empty everything felt and even said it didn't 'look complete.' I also was very timid to start driving on American highways again because I truly could not comprehend the speeds. Even now, over 5 years later, when I go to "big cities" like Houston or even Paris I'm wondering where all the people are.
Rabbany Narukaya
As an Indonesian myself, the thought of seeing Java having a very large population with limited land mass is mindboggling enough, until I look up India and they even have one state (Uttar Pradesh) that almost make up the entire population of Indonesia.
Andre Ramadhan
I live in Bandung, the capital of West Java and several months ago I visited the island of Sumatra, Padang City to be exact. And I saw HUGE differences between two of the major island.
Srivijaya +
As a sumatran (java neighbor island) that recently visited java for holiday, you literally will and will always see people everywhere you go 😂, but it's not really a problem though because javanese are incredibly nice people and the foods there are incredibly cheap.. Also the infrastructure in java is more advanced than any other island in indonesia so that's why we non javanese sometimes feel jealous but thanks to the current government they boost up the infrastructures to all places in indonesia
Brooks H
The sound of Krakatoa stopped being audible at that distance, but the pressure wave continued at the speed of sound and was detectable by weather stations around the world- repeatedly, because the pressure wave circled the entire globe at least once.
T Song
As a civ6 player this is totally understandable. With that many volcanos, the lands would have absurdly high food production. Each eruption might kill a few, but they grow back in a few turns.
Nenenin Donu
The bizarre population densities in some parts of the Indian subcontinent and the East Indies are truely unbelievable
Mac C.
Indonesian history is so interesting! My mother is from the Philippines, which "benefits" from many of the same factors you cite here. Both countries are incredibly populated. The Philippines is the size of Nevada, which has a population of about 4 million people, while the Philippines has about 120 million.
I like Javanese people, the hospitality, they are very welcoming and friendly. The landscapes, volcanoes, beaches, waterfalls and everything else on the Java is absolutely phenomenal. I really want to go back to visit Mount Ijen once again.
That video was really awesome! This island is so small, I can't believe they call it an island! I saved almost 90% on my flights using Mighty 🤙🏻 Travels 💪🏾 Premium.
1816 is called The Year Without Summer. During a disappointing, from the horrid weather, summer stay in Switzerland, Lord Byron issues a challenge to his entourage to write scary stories. Out of that challenge came Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" and "The Vampyre" by Polynari, Byron's physician.
Outbound Shane
I had a look on Google Earth and it seems that there's still plenty of open space with fields and forests as populated as Java is. The way the fields are divided along the coast looks like satellite imagery of the other former Dutch colony of Surinam in South America.
Zulfan Falah
I live here. In West Java, Cimahi city to be exact. which is considered a small city by region. Because the area is only 40Km². but with 615.000 inhabitants. To compare, The US state of Vermont has 620.000± inhabitants with 24,905 km². It's surprising how crowded my hometown is. And I thought it was normal until I looked at other cities in other countries with the same area.
Java really isn’t that small, it is just on the equator. All of Indonesia is insanely big. From east to west larger than europe (although not in total landmass)
Believe me if you live in or travel to the island of Java, you’ll certainly not feel that it is a tiny island. It’s bigger and wider than it looks.
Deihan Dzilky
Deihan Dzilky Πριν 21 ημέρα
Pulau Jawa dari jaman sebelum penjajahan mémang sudah padat, karena Jawa merupakan pulau dengan pusat peradaban tertinggi & termodern, terbukti dengan banyaknya situs yang ditemukan hingga saat ini...
So cool to see Indonesia/Java in the spotlight here. I once studied there for only a year and the Indonesian people, food and culture still bring back some of my best memories. Would love to go back and work there for a while despite a few downsides.
Astarøth Πριν 14 ημέρες
Fun fact: when our nation was declaring their freedom from the Netherlands in 1945 we want to use javanese language as our national language simply because alot of people here are javanese and can speak fluent javanese already but it wasn't agreed upon our founding fathers and instead we chose bahasa Indonesia which is heavily influenced by melayu language, I.e the language that Malaysian use so both of our language sounds really and i mean REALLY similar
Another Days
Saying Java as a tiny island is such an understatement in my opinion. Yes, it is smaller than other big islands in Indonesia. But Java itself sitting at 13 largest island in the world. It looks smaller because it is on equator which is the disadvantage of Mercator projection. The living condition is not cramped as how u imagine Hongkong (except for some big cities such as Jakarta). We still have forest here.
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